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Jim Corbett National Park

Cloths to carry and wear on trip to Jim Corbett National Park

The clothes you should carry with you to Jim Corbett National Park are totally opposite depending on the season in which you are visiting it. The summers are blisteringly hot and don't expect any let up while you are there. You should expect unrelenting heat day after day if you are there between the months of April and June. With temperatures soaring between 35 and 47 degrees centigrade most of the day, even the lightest of T-shirts feel like warm jackets. Take along your lightest clothes in the summers with the definite inclusion of a cap and dark glasses. In the winter months, specially November to beginning February, the weather is just the opposite.

Morning drives into the park are freezing cold and how many ever layers you wear sometimes feel insufficient. The days however are extremely pleasant and a light sweatshirt can more than suffice. Evenings and night once again get very chilly. Carrying along a pair of gloves and a muffler is advisable. For those who intend to take photographs in the wee hours of the morning without pressing all the wrong buttons on their cameras, take along a pair of gloves that are thin yet warm and provide for sufficient movement of the hands.

Trolley bags are great! But we need the flexibility to move about freely. At Jim Corbett National Park Smooth grounds may not always be an option so light backpacks are the best bet. You will be hopping in and out of vehicles throughout the trip, so bringing along a daypack to carry along only the essentials when on you go exploring the wilderness is a good idea.

Donít get Stuck with the Wrong Clothes

You donít want to just go to Corbett Park without putting a little thought into what you need to wear. All seasons are great seasons to visit but the clothes youíll need varies along with when you are going. While summers are scorching hot, winters are quite chilly.

Simply put, hereís what you need to wear according to when you go.

If you are going sometime in April or June Ė Light cotton shirts and light pants or shorts are recommended. Khakis and Cargos go well. Take along a dark pair of sunglasses and donít forget your safari hats to complete the look (and for the functionality of it). A pair of sturdy sports sandals is a great choice for footwear.

If you are planning your trip somewhere around November- February Ė You will definitely be needing some heavy jackets, gloves and mufflers for the morning and evening hours. While for the daytime just a sweatshirt or light jacket can keep you comfortable.

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