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Jim Corbett National Park

River Rafting in Jim Corbett National Park

River Rafting is a spine-tingling sport and the water of Kosi River in Corbett offers just that. This is a must have experience that involves often taking on the rock-studded rapids. However, river rafting in Corbett is a seasonal water activity; as it can only be enjoyed during the monsoon season, on a condition that there has not been a heavy downpour. Kosi River, which flanks the national park offers an excellent rafting experience for beginners and professionals as well. The rapids here, are that of grade II and III. The best time for river rafting in Kosi River is between July and September. Apart from river rafting one can partake activities like wildlife safari in Jhirna and Sitabani buffer zone, bird watching, fishing and angling, bridge slithering, and rappelling.

The spectacular avifaunal diversity present in the Jim Corbett National Park owes its survival to the two rivers that flow through the park - the Ramganga (West) and River Kosi. The Ramganga along with its tribuataries, Palain, Mandal and Sonanadi serve as the key hydrological resource for the park. This river which is a tributary of the mighty Ganges, originates in the Doodhatoli ranges of the Himalayas and flows out south-west to pass through the Corbett. The river is much popular amongst anglers for the 'Mighty Mahseer' - the fighting fish. The endangered fish eating ghariyal can also be seen in the Corbett stretch of the river.

However, due to its presence at the tourist hub Dhikuli where most of the tourist hotels and resorts are located, the River Kosi has a more immediate connect with the travellers to the region. Kosi flows in close proximity to the park and not properly through it, yet it provides for the birds and animals in the park a cruical source of water, especially so during the dry season.

For angling and fishing enthusiasts, the best time to visit the Jim Corbett National Park is from early October to mid December and then again from mid of February for the next four months.

Vanya River Lodge is situated on the bank of river Kosi & Angling Camp on the bank of river Ramganaga.

For the survival of such a remarkable gamut of floral and faunal species in Jim Corbett National Park , water is a crucial factor. The Ramganga river forms the most prominent hydrological resource, supplemented by tributaries, most prominent of which are the Sonanadi, Mandal and Palain rivers. The river Kosi runs proximate to the Park and is also a significant water resource for nearby areas. Wildlife is dependent on rivers, more so in the dry season, for they provide drinking waters and also forms home to several key aquatic species.